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Elevate AI with top-notch data quality

We bring our expertise and experience from the market practice. We understand that the quality of AI models primarily depends on the right data. However, the development of annotation environments, management of annotation and validation teams, data quality checks during and at the end of the process divert the attention of dev ops and AI engineers from technological advancements, resulting in a slowdown in AI development.

Another problem we face is the unpredictable surge in data requirements, making it challenging to employ a sufficient number of annotators as needed. Finding skilled professionals is also a difficult task. Many areas need to address these issues, which often manifest as hidden costs. Moreover, an inadequate number of annotators leads to low-quality data. Project management becomes cumbersome in this situation.

We offer the solution since we handle the entire ecosystem, project management, in-process and final checks, and provide a team with specialized expertise for specific tasks. All of this comes at a fixed price and guaranteed deadlines. With our cutting-edge system, you'll maintain 100% control over the processes while enjoying the privilege of witnessing the entire workflow progress in real-time. Learn more about how we can help you.

Face recognition

Image & Video

When performing image and video annotation, it is essential to focus on high-resolution data to ensure accurate and consistent labeling. Annotating from multiple perspectives and handling occlusion will improve the model's robustness. Additionally, for video annotation, including action duration will enable precise action recognition. 


In audio annotation, the priority is to accurately transcribe spoken words and background noises. It is important to align the annotations with audio segments and enrich them with relevant metadata. Identifying and labeling different noises will enhance sound recognition. 


When conducting NLP annotation, it is crucial to focus on entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and language nuances to enable comprehensive language comprehension. Annotating intent will facilitate effective intent detection and meaningful conversations. 

Web Analytics

For web analytics annotation, the process involves annotating user behavior, event categorization, and user segmentation to gain insights into user interactions and preferences. Additionally, tracking the conversion funnel will help optimize website performance. 

Plan & Wireframe

In plan & wireframe annotation, the goal is to identify interface elements, annotate interaction states, and ensure clarity for accurate implementation and design understanding. 

Sensors & Signals

Regarding sensors & signals annotation, it is important to synchronize data with timestamps and include calibration information for accurate analysis. Annotating anomalies and providing real-time context will enable informed decision-making. 

Diverse Datasets:
Our data annotation and acquisition services focus on creating inclusive and comprehensive datasets, enabling the development of robust AI models capable of handling complex real-world scenarios effectively. By incorporating diverse and representative data, we ensure the models' performance is reliable across various use cases.

Validation Monitoring:
We implement rigorous validation procedures, including strict monitoring mechanisms throughout the annotation process. This ensures the highest quality of annotated data, providing our clients with confidence in the reliability and accuracy of their AI models.

Enhancement of Model Accuracy:
Our data services are designed to elevate the accuracy of AI models by mitigating the risk of poor-quality data influencing critical decision-making processes. By providing top-notch data quality through meticulous annotation, we enable our clients to achieve superior performance in their AI applications.

Accelerated ML Development:
We streamline the ML development cycle, allowing our clients to bring their products to market faster and more efficiently. By handling the entire ecosystem of data annotation, project management, and specialized expertise, we alleviate the burden on dev ops and AI engineers, enabling them to focus on technological advancements while maintaining full control over the processes.

Transparent Workflow: 
With our transparent operations, clients have real-time visibility into project progress, fostering accountability and trust. By offering fixed prices and guaranteed deadlines, we eliminate hidden costs and ensure a seamless data annotation experience, allowing clients to concentrate on their core AI development goals.

Data validation

Data validation

Data validation is a significant aspect of AI training, involving the process of verifying the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data utilized as inputs in artificial intelligence systems.

This crucial step helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the data, which directly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of AI models.

The quality of the training data has a significant impact on AI model performance, making data validation a necessary step for optimal model training. 

Model Qualification

The process of evaluating a machine learning model's performance and reliability before deploying it in production involves confirming its accuracy, robustness, generalizability, and compliance with predefined criteria. This is accomplished through testing datasets and evaluation of biases, robustness, and fairness.

Anomaly Detection

The identification of unusual patterns or observations that deviate from expected behavior in data. Utilized in fields such as finance, healthcare, and cybersecurity for detecting fraud, equipment failures, or cyber attacks. Can be performed with either supervised or unsupervised machine learning methods, depending on the presence of labeled data.

Data Moderation

The review, approval, and curation of user-generated or sourced content to ensure its appropriateness, accuracy, and adherence to guidelines or policies. May involve manual human moderation or automated systems such as machine learning algorithms to remove inappropriate, offensive, or misleading content.

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition

We provide the essential service of collecting and obtaining a diverse range of relevant datasets to support the training of artificial intelligence systems.

Our knowledgeable team is committed to maintaining the quality, quantity, and diversity of the acquired data.
In addition, we provide data set annotation services that are designed to maximize the performance of our clients' AI models.
We acquire and process data for various applications, which include but are not limited to:

Image & Video

  • Object detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Image classification
  • Action recognition
  • Video summarization
  • Video content analysis


  • Speech recognition
  • Music analysis
  • Acoustic event detection
  • Emotion recognition
  • Language translation

Textual  Data

  • Language processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text classification
  • Text summarization
  • Chatbots
  • Fraud detection
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