Transparent Pricing

At AIVORY, we offer premium quality human-powered data annotation services to businesses across various industries. Our transparent pricing policy allows clients to understand the full scope of the project and budget accordingly, maximizing the value of their data, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Our goal is to maximize the value of your data, enhance efficiency, and minimize costs. With our commitment to on-time delivery and high-quality results, we ensure that your business receives the best possible data annotation services. By choosing AIVORY as your partner, you can trust that your operations will be enhanced and growth will be propelled.


Quality Enhancement for improved model accuracy
  • At AIVORY, we understand the paramount importance of data quality in determining the accuracy of machine learning models. Our meticulous approach to data annotation guarantees that the models are trained on high-quality data, allowing them to identify patterns and relationships with accuracy.
Thorough Data Labeling Process
  • The labeling of data is a crucial step in the machine learning process, and we ensure that it is carried out with the utmost attention to detail. Our thorough data labeling process guarantees that the data is accurately labeled, improving model accuracy and avoiding small inaccuracies that could have a major impact.
Diverse Data for Improved Model Performance
  • A diverse dataset is essential for machine learning models to generalize better and avoid overfitting. Our aim is to increase the diversity of the data used for training the model, leading to improved accuracy and overall performance.


Optimize Workload for ML Engineers
  •   Optimizing the workload of machine learning engineers can enhance their focus on core responsibilities and result in improved efficiency, while minimizing the time spent on non-critical tasks.
Accelerate Development Cycle
  •  Accelerating the development cycle of machine learning models can speed up the time-to-market and improve competitiveness, leading to a faster impact on business outcomes.
Enhance Data Operations Transparency
  •  Enhancing transparency in data operations enhances collaboration and reduces errors, by providing clear visibility into the process, timelines, and reasoning behind decisions.


Optimize Human Validation Expenditures
  • By optimizing human validation expenditures, businesses can make the ML process more cost-effective and accessible.
Implement a Robust Data Strategy
  •   A robust data strategy allows organizations to comprehend their data needs and plan for the future. This leads to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and informed data-driven decision-making.
Maximize Annotator Effectiveness
  •  Annotators play a pivotal role in the ML process and maximizing their effectiveness can lead to higher quality results. This results in increased efficiency and reduced costs.
Minimize Inefficient Data Processing Costs
  • Minimizing the costs associated with inefficient data processing helps organizations to achieve cost savings and improve financial performance.

Pricing Plans

At AIVORY, we are dedicated to promoting transparency and affordability in our pricing strategy. Our focus is on delivering exceptional value to our clients, ensuring that they receive accurate data at a fair and competitive cost, free of any unexpected charges or fees.

Basic Expert Annual
Fixed-Price Project Quoting
Annotation Team and Platform

Personal Project Manager
AI Engineering Support
Detailed Annotation Analysis
Robust Data Management System

Specialized Annotation Services (e.g. medical, legal, etc.)
Real-time Collaboration
AI Engineering Consultation
Annotation Tools Development
Flexible Contract Options
18 €/h Project based -15 %

*Estimated average annotation costs are based on measurements of image classification into 12 classes. Prior to a project, a quotation is made to ensure highly accurate costs calculations. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of data annotation services do you offer?
  • Our data annotation services cover image, video, audio, and text annotation, as well as multi-label annotation tasks.
Can you provide samples of your annotated data for us to review?
  • Yes, we would be happy to provide samples of our annotated data for you to review. This will provide you with a comprehensive insight into our competencies and the exceptional standard of our deliverables.
What is your turnaround time for data annotation projects?
  • We are dedicated to ensuring the timely provision of high-quality outcomes, and we will collaborate with you to establish a schedule that aligns with your particular requirements.
How do you handle confidential and sensitive data in your annotation process?
  • Confidentiality and security of client data are our top priority, and we have strict protocols in place to handle confidential and sensitive data securely.
Can you handle multi-label annotation tasks?
  • Yes, we have experience with multi-label annotation tasks and can accommodate your specific needs in this area.
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