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Who we are

AIVORY is a company that specializes in data annotation powered by human expertise.

We are a EU-based corporation specializing in high quality data annotation services driven by human expertise. As esteemed participants in the AI Coalition, our seasoned team is wholly committed to delivering outstanding data solutions for the field of artificial intelligence.
Our extensive suite of data annotation services encompasses a broad spectrum of media formats, including images, videos, audio, and textual data. Our proficiency particularly shines in tasks that demand multi-tag annotation, allowing us to provide a wide array of high-caliber datasets custom-tailored to meet the precise requirements of businesses..

Long Story Short

Our operation

AIVORY is founded upon a bedrock of seasoned professionals. Our team comprises AI engineers and annotation specialists, ensuring the production of data of the utmost quality. In-house, we maintain a dedicated annotation team, while also forging strategic partnerships with multiple organizations that supply human resources under our vigilant oversight. This strategic approach empowers us to provide solutions tailored to accommodate even the most expansive and multifaceted datasets.

In our operational framework, we conduct a meticulous assessment of each project to gauge its inherent complexity. Subsequently, we furnish precise estimates regarding time and cost, embarking on the project only once these parameters are firmly established. Throughout the entire process, you have the opportunity to actively monitor the real-time progress of the data with our team.



Humble beginnings


Industrial Image processing

Processing industrial camera images and 3D data. Optical measurement analysis.


Humans in the loop

In the light of the significant growth in image processing projects, we have established our first validation team. Along with our initial orders, we have initiated the development of a proprietary validation system that currently serves as the foundation for data validation.

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AI Date

Commitment towards State of The Art artificial intelligence servicing and data processing developments.


Portfolio Expenditure

In response to increased customer demand, we have expanded our portfolio to include three new areas of focus. Our Reynis system has been updated to include not only Image and NLP capabilities, but also audio and video annotation capabilities, to better serve our valued customers.



AIVORY Artificial Intelligence Services Kft. has been officially established with the singular purpose of delivering exceptional data processing services for artificial intelligence solutions.

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AI Coalition

At the end of 2022, our company was accepted into the Hungarian AI Coalition by the Presidency of the AI Coalition. This association allows us to actively participate in the communication and implementation of Hungary's artificial intelligence strategy.

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Artificial Intelligence Services
Limited Liability Company

info@aivory.eu +36 (30) 319 1889Linkedin logo
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