Comprehensive Precision Data Processing Service

Unleash Your AI Capacity • Dedicated & flexible annotation team • Project management and supervision • Expandable data processing environment developed by AIVORY • Real-time annotation insight • In-process validations • Multi-round annotations • Real-time data quality assurance service • Project-based and annual contracts

Reynis Validation Toolset

For crafting top-tier machine learning models, impeccable data quality is imperative. With each implementation comes a distinct set of demands on data-generating environments. To address this challenge, we have developed our own data processing system named REYNIS .

Its modular architecture empowers us to cater precisely to the most specific requirements, encompassing everything from straightforward image, video, and NLP annotations to complex decision tree and planning process annotations.

Text annotation

A substantial amount of energy invested in AI development is directed towards data processing. AIVORY streamlines data preparation, processing, and evaluation process, enabling our clients to focus on critical tasks at hand.

Output data

Our annotation standards are based on a foundation of anomaly detection and inter-process checks. When unexpected questions arise during the process, we quickly clarify then make necessary adjustments, ensuring that all future data annotations align with our rigorous standards.

Security - Our servers communicate over encrypted networks, ensuring secure interactions between processing servers and data stores. Clients have complete control over input and output data, with the option to attach their data store securely.

Quality - Quality data is the foundation of exceptional models. Our system supports redundant and multi-round validation. Following our annotation strategy, we conduct cross-validation on results submitted by annotators, ensuring a second reviewer validates each annotation.

Cost-effectiveness - We emphasize paying only for what you need. Our in-house data scientists, annotation environment developers, and annotators work on project-based assignments, saving significant costs for AI development companies as they only incur expenses when required. Moreover, we consider annotation idle times when determining project costs!

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Our flexible workforce is at your service

Selecting AIVORY as your AI development partner offers cost-effective and predictable solutions. Our adaptable team size aligns with the ever-changing demands of your data, ensuring flexibility in our engagement, whether it be a short-term project or a long-term partnership. 

Comparative Analysis

At our core, we prioritize Flexibility, Efficiency, and Data Protection. By utilizing proven project management methods, we guarantee comprehensive accessibility to our clients and execute each project through a complete PDCA cycle, with a strong emphasis on Check-Act phases to ensure the data output's exceptional quality.           

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Data Security

Ensuring the protection of your data is our paramount concern. Our Corporate Information Security Principles (CISP) refer to the guidelines and policies that we implement to protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access.  

Confidentality × Integrity × Compliance × Quick Response × Awareness and Training 

Traffic Control

The exploitation of Artificial Intelligence in traffic control applications is currently a highly sought-after topic. Both small and large companies worldwide invest in extensive research aimed at improving the accuracy of AI-assisted driving in different road and traffic conditions, collision detection, and automatic law violation detection. 

Traffic Control Radiology

Radiology Analysis

Radiology is a medical field that is well-suited for AI adaptation. According to industry expectations, a properly trained algorithm may be able to assist in evaluating a significant portion of imaging examinations within the next few decades. Such algorithms will be capable of recognizing abnormal conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Crop Diseases Detection

We use this technology to assist farmers and agronomists in detecting and identifying crop diseases or infections that are spreading in the early stages. By taking timely preventive actions, the effectiveness of healing valuable plants can be significantly increased, while keeping the costs low. This can create an opportunity for achieving higher yields on the same farmland, ultimately reducing the impact of climate change. 

Industrial Visual Control

In the field of industrial production or construction witnesses significant advancement in Artificial Intelligence. Thorough this we obtain the ability to implement highly advanced visual control techniques which can detect hardly recognizable failures in part production - for example the solder joint failure detection.   

Solder joint failure detection

Speaker Diarisation

Automated speaker diarization is the process of separating the speakers personally and ​chronologically. This technology can be useful in a variety of applications including speech recognition, conference transcription and forensic analysis. 

Speaker Diarisation


Ensuring Safety and Reliability through Dataset Labeling


Dataset labeling to ensure safety and reliability. 

Improved Accuracy in Abnormal Health Condition Detection


Improved accuracy in abnormal health condition detection. 

Maximizing Yields with Advanced Agricultural Technologies


Yield more with the use of highly advanced technologies.

Enhancing Efficiency with Automated Trading Solutions


Enhanced efficiency with automated trading solutions. 

Improving Language Labeling for Written and Spoken Content


Improved effectiveness in written and spoken language labeling.

Pursuing Safer Traffic Control and Autonomous Vehicles


Quest for safer traffic control & autonomous vehicles.

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